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Web Development for Hotels

We are a Paris-based digital agency with the technical skill and industry insight to take your hotel website to the next level online. Our passion? Building and developing high-functioning websites that perform perfectly for our clients, their visitors, and the search engines too.

Web Development for Hotels, Resorts, and B&B.

Why Do Hotels Need an Online Booking Website?

1- Commission-Free Direct Booking.

By having online direct booking deployed and integrated into your own website, it will save you from paying a significant cost (commission) of the reservations coming from Online Travel Agencies like Booking.com and Expedia. This can improve your top-line revenue per booking as bookings are commission-free.

2- Brand Image.

According to Triptease, over 60% of OTA bookers visit your hotel website prior to booking. Travelers want to know more about the property, location, rating, images and other things to reassure themselves on choosing the right property for their stay. This is where you need to represent your hotel’s brand image the way it should be. By not having an option to book directly on your website can hamper your brand image and may even result in losing these lookers as guests.

3- Guests Data.

Most of Online Travel Agencies have a restructuring policy where they share the guest’s data the same day or only one day prior to the visit. Plus, Booking.com does not provide hotels with guests’ emails. Thus, you can not have guest data ready with you to serve them with personalized offerings. Having data beforehand (like, in case of direct bookings) allows you to start sending them pre-arrival messages, extend your hospitality, and build a relationship to get them as repeat and loyal guests.

4- More and More Bookings.

Having diversified sources of bookings (OTAs, direct bookings, GDS, walk-in) is the idealistic thing a hotel wants. On one hand, OTAs make your hotel present where your customers are, whereas, social media and the hotel website turn ‘lookers into bookers’ and adds to the top-line revenue. In general, OTAs are the major source of bookings, but if your hotel website or your social media channels are able to attract visitors and get bookings, it’s always a Plus.

5- More Than 57% of The Travel Reservation is Done Online.

With a strong increase in this percentage every year, hotels can not ignore the vital importance of online reservations. That makes it quite clear that hotels need to focus on all online channels including OTAs, Social media, and your hotel website.

6- Less Cancellation Rate.

Studies (by mirai.com) show that Booking.com cancellation is 104% higher than the direct channels ones, while Expedia is 31%. The average cancellation on Booking.com is set around 39%, and Expedia is roughly 25%, while the cancellation on direct bookings is noted to be less than 19%. That shows having direct booking can to contributes significantly to increasing occupancy rates.

The Unique Features of Our Website Development for Hotels and Accommodation Businesses

A Complete Booking System

With our advanced booking management, your guests can search availability then complete the booking form and complete payment directly.

hotel web development/room-booking-form

Single Accommodation Page

With room detail, price, gallery, and booking form.

hotel web development/ Single Accommodation Page

Search Availability Results based on the number of adults and children.

hotel web development/ Search Availability Results

Checkout Page

Your customers enter their personal information and make payments.

hotel web development/ checkout-page

Flexible Pricing Options For Your Hotel Bookings

Seasonal Pricing

Seasonal Pricing

Set any pricing depending on any season or specific dates/days. ``Season`` is a general term and you can label it anyhow to reflect your pricing changes.

Flexible Rates

Flexible Rates

Set different rates based on accommodations benefits (e.g. breakfast included/ no breakfast). Your guests will choose the most suitable one while pricing a booking.

Variable Pricing

Variable Pricing

Make the prices change dynamically depending on the search parameters of your guests. Customizing accommodation rates by setting price variables based on the number of guests.

Weekly and Monthly Rates

Weekly and Monthly Rates

You can set any property rate depending on a season (any term). To create different price points based on the length of the stay, you can add weekly, monthly, or other customizable rates.

Booking Multiple Accommodations

Booking Multiple Accommodations

The search algorithm is very smart, so your guests will get the most suitable results in seconds. However, the guests and skip the recommendation and make their own choice.

Packages and Services

Packages and Services

Offer bookable extra services and packages (free or paid) along with the accommodation reservation. Charge per room or per person.

Flexible Booking Rules

Set min/max days to stay and available check-in/check-out dates for accommodations individually or seasons.

hotel web development/ Flexible Booking Rules screenshot

86+ Payment Gateways Support

The booking system can be integrated with the Woocommerce payment system, which supports now over 86 payment gateways around the world.

hotel web development/86+ Payment Gateways Support Screenshot

Taxes and Fees

Complete and correct pricing information on all accommodation charges: add mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes and fee taxes.

hotel web development/Taxes and Fees screenshot

iCal Support to Sync Bookings Automatically

Automatic synchronization of bookings submitted through your property rental website with those from online travel agents like Airbnb or Booking.com .

hotel web development/iCal Support

Booking Management

All received bookings and booking requests in their current statuses are stored in one place, easily stored and displayed in a calendar view.

hotel web development/Booking Management

Discount Coupons

You will be able to set a discount amount, set check-in/check-out dates, etc. Apply other settings to customize your coupon

hotel web development/Discount Coupons

Payment Request

Automate your workflow pf requesting and collecting rental payments from your clients. Email the balance payment request link automatically or manually.

hotel web development/Payment Request

GDPR Compliant

Your guest will find the checkbox for opt-in consent below each booking form to accept your website terms and conditions before reservation.

hotel web development/GDPR Compliant

from €2800*

*For a complete website with full functionality.